Falling, for yourself...

Who says we have to follow all those silly rules about not calling til three days later and not messaging too much, and when it's OK to go over and when its not, what you should say and when is the right time to say it? sending different messages all dependent upon what you wear, do, say, order, joke about, or what cologne you where, or how your hair is done....why do we do these things? Are they nature? or are they done because it's what you "should" do when dating or beginning a relationship?

Why do they call it falling? If that's the 'accepted' term shouldn't it feel a little something like this:

Where you just feel like it just grabbed you out of nowhere and down you go, hoping you can get your hands out just in time to catch you. But maybe the actual fall feels a little more like this, like you don't necessarily want it to end:

So what about all these rules we mentioned in the beginning? Are they guidelines for falling in love?...to fall in love be sure to: followed by an unwritten list of rules. Is that how we are supposed to live? supposed to love? What about after you are married? Isn't everything on the table? Or is that wishful thinking of me to assume that you would know each other in a way you have never known anyone else?

I suppose in an ideal sense one would hope that their love was pure and built on each others essence, character, and personality and who one another truly is. But, if since the beginning of your courtship you were doing things that were out of character for you that had an impact on the feelings the other person had for you, wouldn't your love be untrue? Is it just like every other love between any other two people? That's just the way it is, people do things they wouldn't normally do to make another fall for them?

Maybe this is all irrelevant because what you fall in love with is not the fact that they said the right thing at just the right point in your relationship but you fall in love with who they are inside and the potential that they have within them. You love them because of who they have made you: a better human being, someone who brings out the greatest in them as well.

I think I like that fairytale best.
You fall in love because in actuality you love who you are when you are with the one you have fallen for.
What a fantastic way to live.
I'll take it.

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