I started the fiiiire!

So I almost burned the house down last night. What do you think of that? I know. really awesome, that's what.
You wanna hear the story? Ok. Well I will relay it you as though you could hear my thoughts.

Adri: Mmmmm I would like some hot cereal before I go to bed, that would be delicious and I'll put cinnamon in it and maybe a little nutmeg, maybe some sugar (well sugar substitute).yummmmmm. I think I'll just put the milk on the stove and then go get all ready for bed and then come back up, enjoy, and drift peacefully into a quiet, full bellied, slumber.

She treks up the stairs and puts the pot with the cup of milk on the stove, with it set on high(obviously because it will cook faster). And trounces back down the stairs to get ready for beddy-bye. Getting caught up in the cleaning of her room and preparing for sleep she lays her head down on her soft squishy pillow.

After laying in her bed for a few moments she hears someone come home and stays snuggled in her flannel blanket. "I'm just not in the mood to talk to anyone tonight. I just want to lay here and drift silently into quiet bliss."
(Insert noise of banging pans, windows being flung open, & other panicked movements)
Enter person #2 to come home for the night.
"OHMY GOOOSSHHHH! You guys are gonna burn the house down! What happened? What is this? Why was it left on the stove? Whats going on? Who did this?"
"I don't know what happened I just came home and the whole house was filled with smoke! Let's go get ___ and ____ and see if they know what happened."
(Insert the noise of loud tromping down the stairs)
Adri: What the POO is going on up there?? What are they yelling about? They are always so loud when they come home!" (suddenly the realization of what all the ruckus is about hits her) Ohhhhhhh NO. Oh yes. I left the pot of BOILING/BURNING milk on the stove for a good fifteen minutes. Crapola. That's right. I almost burned the house down. Crap, they're coming to ask if I did it. Ohhhh no. I can't face them, they're angry, I don't want to deal with it. Ok, I'll just fake being asleep. That will work, at least until morning. That way I can formulate a good argument and build a good defense and then, put on my saddest, most guilty face and hope that they forgive me. Ya that's what I'll do.

Roomie #3: ADRI! Were you cooking something?
No response.
R #3: Ok well if you were, or something we turned it off. Talk to you in the morning.
Adri: Ok that wasn't that bad. Hopefully I can repair the damage in the morning. Ohhhh I loathe myself. Especially when I do stupid things. Oh, bother.

And that is how it went down my friend. Yes. I almost burned the house down. Ugh. I hate it when I do that. Thus is the excitement of my life.


Bahia Blanca, Argentina

That is the place. Thus is the root of all my fears at this time in my life. I feel like I should be exploding at any moment. Or like I'm gonna get hit by a bus. Either would suffice for settling my ever churning stomach. Let me tell you something about knowing the exact geographical location of yourself for the next 18 months, but not a clue of where your mental state will reside or in some instances I'm sure...not reside: it is very detaching. When the only thoughts you have are of you getting eaten by large bugs or crying all the time or being so hot you think you'll die and then so cold you wish you had died when it was hot, or eating large bugs and other foreign(to your taste buds) things. This is frightening. The thing is (and I know they're just being positive and trying to keep me positive) people keep telling me I'll love it and it will be great once I get there and get started and start meeting people and doing the work. I know that, but you have to understand the amount of fear I now have for the unknown. I have no idea what it will be like, at all. Not even a little bit. That is what's causing me to tremble at this time. Just not knowing.

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