Those Who Can't Do, Teach.

What a stupid thing to say to or about teachers. Mostly because it is meant to be a snub.

"Those who can't do, teach."

This post is not for the sole purpose of defending my own former profession. The purpose is to hopefully show you why I value good teachers, many of my friends and peers, and why you should too.

If you think that someone has the ability to teach something that they really can't do themselves, you would be absolutely right. Teachers teach their students how to do things they are not very good at, all the time.

Do I know how to write the best Literary Analysis essay? No. Do I want to write the best literary Analysis essay? Um, hell no. But you know what I can do and actually want to do? Help my students write their best Literary Analysis essay. And am I capable of that? Hell yes. Why is hell a swear word?

Teachers have an ability to make their students do things they didn't know they were capable of doing. They get to sit by their side and show them what is possible. And watch them turn that possibility into a reality. It is one of the funnest things to do.

So this saying is true in a certain context. The context that no, teachers can't do all the things their students do. Because they all have abilities that their teachers don't have. But what teachers CAN DO is bring out their students' best skills and show them what they are capable of.

That is what a teacher CAN do.

I know I have the ability to teach someone how to tell their best story. I have the ability to give someone tools that allow them to find their voice and make it heard.

With this new copywriting business(can I even call it that?) I know that I can teach and help others how to write their own story. I am the best at telling my story but I'm not sure I'm the best at telling your story. You are the best at that, and I can help you get there.

For the first few clients I take on, this will likely feel pretty experimental but I also know it will feel pretty incredible. To find your voice, and tell your story and connect with the people who support you in the most connective way.


A Book I Read: Cooking Edition

A cookbook?! I am certainly not an expert on cooking or cookbooks or food so this is very much a layman's review. I am however an expert on eating so that is what this book review is based on.

We have made upwards of 15 recipes from Smitten Kitchen Everyday by Deb Perelman and, I say this without hesitation, ALL have been delicious.

Anyone else have the opposite of the first pancake effect when they make new recipes? It seems like the first time I make a new recipe it is delicious and I love it and I eat it all. But then I try to make it a second or third time and it's just not as good. It's usually still good enough to eat but something just feels off.

None of the recipes we've tried from this book have had that happen. We keep making them over and over and they are just as good every time. This is what made me want to share about this book, I don't have another cookbook that I can say this about. Well done, Deb. I'm probably the last person that has any merit in saying that but oh well.

Many if not all of the recipes can most likely be found on the Smitten Kitchen website. But they are slightly different and I think maybe the ones in the book have been perfected, and possibly simplified, and are therefore better? I don't really know that, it's just an impression.

If you click the cover, it will take you to Amazon where you can buy the book. The other links on here will take you to Deb's site. 

Here are our very very favorites:


Gifts for 'Mom' that are Better Than a Card

First, you need to know that Mother's Day is not for only biological mothers. It is a day for you to appreciate the person who mothered you. Sometimes that is your dad, your sibling, your aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend, teacher, neighbor, and sometimes that is you. So, these gifts are a way for you to appreciate that person who mothered you, whomever that may be. So, apply said filter to each of the following gifts.

I fully support and value the candle/lotion/bath bomb/face mask/perfume gift. 100%. I just wanted to make a 'gift guide' that had a little more to do with my specialty, writing.

You're probably thinking, "that will take way too much brainpower that I have reserved for CandyCrush(is that still what the kids play?)." I've broken it down for you, so it shouldn't be too overwhelming. And for those of us that just want to click, click, click and be done, I'll include some links to a few books that would make great gifts.


How to Write a Letter

A little guide to writing a letter. Since most of us probably haven't written one since our 8th Grade Penpals.


Who should you write a letter to, you might ask? Well. Everyone. Your parents, your cousin(my cousin Cami and I wrote letters back and forth when we were little. It was so fun and cute of us), your neighbors or old neighbors, your friends who you usually text memes to, your favorite teacher or professor, your significant other, etc.

Really you could write a letter to anyone, as displayed by my extensive list above. All it takes is a want to connect with that person.


Right now! No better present to do stuff in than the present you're sitting in. I just made that up. Didn't it feel profound and like you want to put it on a T-shirt, but not in like an obvious way right in the middle of the shirt but maybe off to one side or on a sleeve or something? I thought so.


What to say? What to say? I'll give you a little outline you can follow. And if you don't like outlines you are probably a normal person but you should really learn to love outlines, they are friendly and make life less messy.

Start by saying why you decided to write this person a letter. Examples below.
  • I was just remembering when (insert recent experience) and it made me think of you. 
  • I (recent experience) and it made me think about how you (something they did or said or are that you admire)
  • I wanted to connect with you again and thought it would be fun to write you a letter!
  • I read this interesting woman's blog about how to write a letter and so I'm practicing on you. How's it going so far?
Continue your letter by updating them on 1-2 (or more if you know this person's attention span well) recent life events of yours. Here are some samples to get you started:
  • I was at the grocery store the other day and there were dark chocolate sea salt kombucha samples so I tried it and then ended up buying the rest of the store's stock. 
  • I went to the park the other day and it was so sunny and beautiful. There were kids playing there so carefree and happy. And then they started picking their noses and eating their boogers. Little kids are gross. 
  • I've decided to (something you've decided to start doing in your life). I think it's going well so far. I am excited about what could become of this venture I've decided to take on. 
  • Something sad or upsetting to you and how you are trying to get through it. 
Next you can ask some engaging questions about the person's life or thoughts or opinions or family or pets. Ask questions that allow for the person to respond with more than yes or no. This is not a 20 questions letter. Although that could be a fun format as well. Some examples below.
  • I saw that (insert thing you saw them post about on social media) and that looked so awesome! What was that experience like? Were you nervous/excited/scared?
  • Do you still (insert hobby or interest that you know this person has done)? How is it going? Have you learned a lot of new stuff regarding said hobby/interest?
  • How is (insert significant thing/person/pet)? I hope they are doing well. 
  • What are you looking forward to the next few weeks? 


It is so fun to get mail that isn't a credit card application or a Papa Murphy's coupon(I mean, these are pretty fun, I guess)! It also is pretty affirming to think that someone would sit down and take the time to write out more than a few sentences just for you. On the sender end of a letter, it is clarifying and rejuvenating to write out your thoughts and questions for someone.

I hope this helps you in your letter-writing endeavors and will inspire you to write at least one in the near future!


How has a year passed?

Alice is turning one year old.

When I think about her birthday coming up, I ask myself how this happened. How is she one? How has that much time passed? Well let me tell you how.

We've clocked thousands of hours of feeding her. One of the most daunting things I remember feeling after she was born was that she needed to be fed everyday, several times a day for the rest of her life. And we were responsible for that. It felt so overwhelming for so many months, and on some days it still does.

We've put her to sleep and woken her up hundreds of times. After she was born, every time she fell asleep I was itching to get things done, do something I had wanted to do for a few days, or binge watch several episodes of The Office. I've calmed down a little since then, I feel much calmer when she sleeps and am much happier playing with her while she's awake.

We've been on countless walks in the sunshine, the rain and the snow. And now she wants to get out of the stroller and walk around on her own two feet.

We watched her legs and all four of her cheeks get chunky and slightly less chunky again. Tyler has made her laugh the hardest and realest too many times to count. We've snuggled and read books and knocked over blocks and sang songs.

I think the reason that we feel nostalgic for our babies in their baby stages is because it is the most rapid change most of us have experienced in a person. So many little phases have come and gone so quickly that sometimes we don't have time to mark them in our memory or write them down or take a photo to look at later. It feels similar to when you're out walking and suddenly a bike whizzes past you going the opposite direction. It happened so quickly that you turn your head to be sure of what it was.

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