The time I thought I might actually die.

When I told people that I was from Colorado while I was in Argentina about 87% of the time this was their response (but in Spanish, of course): 
"Oh, where the Grand Canyon is?"
"Ohhhh the Grand Canyon! How beautiful!"
"Do you live near/in/on the Grand Canyon?"
Allow me to save you the trouble of getting on Google Maps yourself by showing you where exactly the Grand Canyon is in relation to the state of Colorado.
Now do you see why it was confusing to me that those were the consistent responses I received? Me too. 
Okay, so they weren't familiar with the United States, much less Colorado, and that's fair. I couldn't pick out an Argentine land mark before I went there, nor could I hardly name one. I assume that they assumed that because the Colorado RIVER is what helped form the grand Canyon. So close Argentina but no cigar. 

Now to the part where I almost died. 

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