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Blogs are dumb. They don't write you back. They don't tell you they love you. They don't laugh at your jokes. They can't even pretend to listen with a courtesy nod and an 'mmhmm'. Blogs are perfect when you know exactly what everyone will say, and you don't want to hear it.


To be disappointed or not to be disappointed?

We met these so called prospects and let me just say this...disappointment rests on my shoulders like the heavy clouds DUMPING precipitation on our overpopulated little town rest on the mountains outside the frosty windows. If I knew which letters of the alphabet would express a great sigh without saying the word sigh, I would put them here humph.
Last night D.F. and I knocked on the door of the men that were to be the perfect candidates for our little experiment. There were 3 main "deal breakers" that occurred or were manifest throughout the night.
1. Our catalyst who somewhat set up the whole meeting of the four of us SPILLED the beans to them! this obviously will not work. First of all they probably went into it with wrong ideas and expectations. We didn't have the chance to present it to them and therefore didn't have the opportunity to gauge how they would react.
2. One of the guys was definitely NOT as enthusiastic as the other. In order for this to work we have to have them both willing to commit to every condition of the proposition. Such conditions I cannot state so explicitly here but he definitely was not all in.
3. We watched
YouTube videos for like 2 HOURS! Don't get me wrong YouTube is a great resource for some hearty laughs and wholesome entertainment, ok maybe just entertainment. But there IS a cap on how many videos you can watch and still have it be a "good time".

Thus we are left with the cloud...of disappointment. And so today we continue the hunt for the perfect guys to fill this position. We have been left wanting.



Update on the revolution: D.F. and I spent some time in the Wilk today scoping out the options that were there. We saw some fair prospects. The criteria for the men we're seeking is quite simple. We would prefer that they were friends, they're attractive, that they seem fairly normal (by our standards), and if we think they would be down with our plan for the next week. Not a lot to ask. A dear friend of D.F. and F.S's suggested the two guys he home teaches and so we're going to go visit them tomorrow and test the waters. Again, I'll keep you updated on how it goes and what we decide to do. If this plan works out it will be one of the greatest experiences ever...I do declare.



You don't know about the revolution yet, but it is a big deal here in our house. The pact of the Revolution states plainly that you do what you want to do...in the dating/relationship world. If you don't want to go out with someone then don't. There is no 'unwritten rule' that says you have to give everyone a chance. If you already know you don't want to date someone why waste their money and your time? Those are the basics at least.
So as part of the revolution a dear friend (D.F.) of mine and I decided that we didn't want to spend another Valentine's Day with Cary Grant and a spread of our favorite comfort foods. We have pact-ed to find two boys that would comply to being our stand-in boyfriends until February 15th.
This, I do believe is the greatest idea we have come up with since the revolution started. I'll let you know how it plays out over the next week and a half.


To know...

A boy was called to Geneva, Switzerland today. Janelle's papers are going in tomorrow. 2-3 weeks until she knows exactly where she will be spending and serving the next 18 months of her life. Years of preparation and countless days of prayer and study.
The rest of today was a blur. I have never been so sure of going until this weekend. I think I have slowly been building up the truth inside me that I am supposed to go. On Sunday it hit me so hard. It wasn't a booming voice or a sign or a burning within me. I was sitting in church and I started smiling and I knew. I knew that it was good, and I was making a good choice and that it wasn't anything to be wary about. Knowledge, really knowing the truth of something, be it math or a mission, brings such happiness. What can you do but spread that cute little mouth of yours from one ear to the other?

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