I was inadvertently nudged by a dear friend of mine to make a summer 2011 to-do list. So thank you, to him.

CHECK)Go to a concert

This is Joshua James. He's a pretty solid guy.

CHECK)Make some summer skirts-at least 3. I already made one so I guess I have 2 left.
)Go to the county fair
)Orem Summerfest
CHECKx2)Movie under the stars in Salt Lake/somewhere closer
CHECK)Go to a Demolition Derby and the drag races
CHECK)Lake Powell
CHECK)Invent the best summer drink to ever be invented.
CHECK)Get a delicious shaved ice treat once a week
CHECK)eat pizza
)read all the books I wanted to read during wintertime but that just didn't seem right to read during not summer
)Play in the fountains at the Gateway on a really hot day
CHECK)BBQ once every week and a half (once a week=too much, two weeks=not enough)
CHECK)Run a half-marathon (JUNE 11th)
CHECK)Volunteer at other races and at other community events Moonlight Half Marathon!

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