Eccentricity and Commonality in the Workplace: Episode 1

I'm going to show you a picture and you tell me what is hilarious, unsettling, or out of the ordinary.

Find anything?

Put it in the comments and then maybe in a few days I'll tell you why it's so _________.


Answer: Ha! There are so many things that are _________ in this photo.

Let's start from the left hand side and move over to the right, like real westerners.

There is a pirate hat. Enough said.

(No that is not a pregnancy test, but good guess)

Yes there are tiny figurines and as they don't show up in the picture too well I'll just tell you--they're smurfs.

Now for the last item you're going to need some backstory. Here at the call center of choice we share cubicles or at least the majority of us do. That means you share the desk, you share the little overhead shelf and the phone and the walls of that cubicle. However, what interests us is that sharing of the chair.

Now, Corina was right, what caught my eye in the passing of this desk is that little exercise device behind the creepy figurines.

Do you see what that is? Do you?

It's a Thighmaster.

People, are you putting 2 and 2 together here?

Sharing chairs...thighmaster...being used in the chair that is shared. GROTESQUE. Props to them for trying to shape their thighs while still raking in the dough but really, in a shared chair, really.

Again, enough said.

Cheers to you Call Center. For you make our thighs flabby, and that's not too shabby(I'm taking a poetry class, sue me.)


Eccentricity and Commonality in the Workplace

I'm starting one of those series postings that people do. You know...with the witty titles and funny pictures and "look at this running joke I just created that many will find hilarious and entertaining for thousands of posts to come!" De hecho, those were my exact words when this brilliant idea occurred to me. So without further ado I introduce you to the one and only series that exists in this blog:

Eccentricity and Commonality in the Workplace
a call center's finest findings

Watch out for the first episode people--this is gonna be good.

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